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A Brief History of Psychedelic Rock Culture

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Psychedelic Rock was derived from the term “psychedelia” which is the term tagged to people whose culture is strangely affected by psychedelic drugs with their art generally expressing bright colors and animations. This type of music is made popular by bands such as The Beatles, [...]

Trance Music: A Brief History

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Trance music is a form of dance music characterized by an emphasis on synthesized melodies and house style electronic 4/4 beats. Trance tracks are usually based around heavily quantized melodies, with a hypnotic and often repetitive feel (hence the name). Common sounds heard in trance [...]

The History of Psychedelic Art, From Woodstock to Coachella

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Psychedelic art is most commonly associated with the hippie movement and Woodstock, but it is experiencing a renaissance thanks to the next generation of music festivals. From posters and art installations to light shows and fashion, today’s music festivals showcase some of the most popular [...]