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What is Archetypal Psychology?

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Archetypal psychology was initiated as a distinct movement in the early 1970s by James Hillman, a psychologist who trained in analytical psychology and became the first Director of the Jung Institute in Zurich. Hillman reports that archetypal psychology emerged partly from the Jungian tradition whilst [...]

The Amazing Power of the Plant from Amazon

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The spirit of the plant puts people in touch with their repressed pain and trauma. As a Western-trained doctor, I have long been aware of modern medicine’s limitations in handling chronic conditions of mind and body. For all our achievements, there are ailments whose ravages [...]

The Love Drug May be FDA-Approved for Psychotherapy by 2021

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Mental illness is highly prevalent among veterans, often triggered by their deployment. According to the American Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA), between ten to thirty percent of veterans suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) – a reactionary anxiety disorder that develops in some people following [...]