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The Pyramid Texts

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The Pyramid Texts are the oldest known corpus of ancient Egyptian religious texts dating to the Old Kingdom. Written in Old Egyptian, the pyramid texts were carved onto the subterranean walls and sarcophagi of pyramids at Saqqara from the end of the Fifth Dynasty, and [...]

Imhotep: “He Who Comes in Peace”

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Imhotep was an Egyptian chancellor to the pharaoh Djoser, probable architect of the step pyramid, and high priest of the sun god Ra at Heliopolis. Very little is known of Imhotep as a historical figure, but in the 3000 years following his death, he was [...]

Mayan Pyramids: Types and Purposes

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If you've ever visited one the Mayan pyramids on a trip to Cancun or the Mayan Riviera, the structure's complex construction and simple beauty surely caught your imagination. But when you learn the history and significance of the pyramids, as well as the facts surrounding [...]