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The Social Impact of Reggae Music in Worldwide Culture

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Reggae music blew up with a bang to the resistance movement against imperialism in the 1960s. It started in Kingston, Jamaica, and has conquered the world and acquired an emblematic Rastafarian character, but an understanding of its fundamental nature is still lacking. At each phase [...]

The Black Punk Rebel Icons Who Made Music History

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The meaning of punk is hard to define. Is it an attitude? A genre? A willingness not to conform? Despite such ambiguities, punk is stereotypically portrayed as the preserve of white, working-class musicians. Although as Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff pointed out last week, “Punk music is not [...]

Surrealism Movement History

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Surrealism, as we know it today, is closely related to some forms of abstract art. In fact, they shared similar origins, but they diverged on their interpretation of what those origins meant to the aesthetic of art. At the end of the First War World, [...]