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Sacred Snuff Hape (Rapé) – An Amazonian Medicine

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The Hape (Rapé) snuff (Tobacco Snuff) is sacred and legal medicine from the indigenous people of the Forest…. It is said to heighten the awareness and the senses, clear and align your mind and instinct, intuition and help promote cleansing of the body and soul. Drives [...]

Tobacco: Aboriginal Sacred Plant

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Tobacco, one of the four (sweetgrass, sage and red cedar) sacred plants of Aboriginal Peoples has a very long history and a conflicted present. Considered to be one of the sacred medicines  (sweetgrass, sage and red cedar being the other three). It was used in religious ceremonies by Aboriginal [...]

Iboga – Bwiti and the Tree of Knowledge

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Tabernanthe Iboga is one of the gifts mother earth has to offer. It contains priceless knowledge and lessons that can make our world a better place. We all know the story of Adam and Eve and the tree of knowledge. How they got kicked [...]

Ibogaine: A Natural Psychoactive Substance Found in Plants

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Ibogaine is an isolated active alkaloid from the root bark of the central West African shrub Tabernanthe Iboga. It has been used for thousands of years for spiritual development and as a rite of passage into adulthood. Its properties as a treatment to stop opiate [...]