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THC-A Crystalline: The Most Pure THC

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When looking at a weed bud, smokers will notice many things. The green of the bud, other colors like purples or oranges, the hairs, the fluffiness, and the sparkling of the THC. Marijuana naturally has THC crystals on the bud. The general rule is the [...]

THC: Strong Medicine Plus Euphoria

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THC and the ability to deliver euphoria and medical therapy to users is based on the activity of cannabinoids. Specialized molecules that mimic similar chemicals in the human body and fit into special receptors within the brain, nervous system, and immune system. Cannabinoids from cannabis [...]

Fun Cannabis History Facts That Will Impress People

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Wow' your buds with your encyclopedic cannabis knowledge! If you’ve been reading MERRY JANE every day like a responsible citizen of the cannabis community, then you know that the term “marijuana” is contentious in the U.S. and that the highest THC percentage does not necessarily [...]