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The History of Tea

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The history of tea is long and complex, spreading across multiple cultures over the span of thousands of years. Tea likely originated in the Yunnan region during the Shang dynasty as a medicinal drink. An early credible record of tea drinking dates to the 3rd [...]

Didgeridoo – An Aboriginal Wind Instrument

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The didgeridoo is a wind instrument. It was developed by Indigenous Australians of northern Australia, likely within the last 1,500 years and is now in use around the world. Didgeridoo is a wooden trumpet "drone pipe" classified by Musicologists as a brass aerophone. A didgeridoo [...]

The Pagan Roots of Easter Tradition

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Spring is here! Birds are laying eggs and joyfully singing in the morning. Wildflowers are popping up and fruit trees are blossoming as bees and butterflies swirl in the breeze. People are falling in love, planting seeds in their gardens, cleaning their homes and decorating [...]

How the Art of Tattoo Has Colored World History

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The tattoo is among humanity's earliest and most ubiquitous art forms. Cultures from every habitable continent have embedded permanent dyes in their bodies for more than 5000 years. As mystical wards, status symbols, rites of passage, or as personal decoration, tattoo art continues today, just [...]

The History Of Apsara Dance

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If you’ve ever been to Cambodia or even done a quick Google search on the country, you’ve probably heard about traditional Apsara dance. Known for it’s elongated, elegant movements and ornate costumes, the ancient Apsara dance was revitalized in the 1940s for the Royal Cambodian [...]

Dream Catcher Meaning: History, Legend & Origins of Dream Catchers

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You've probably seen a dream catcher hanging from a tree, a porch or even in a souvenir shop and wondered about its purpose and meaning. What is the meaning and history of the dreamcatcher? Learn more about the story and the legend behind the origins [...]

Top 10 Indigenous Tribes with Shamanic Traditions

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Indigenous tribes all around the world, have different forms of spirituality, and oftentimes the way to reach these spirits was through some form of shamanism. The shaman of these different cultures would come into contact with these spirits through trances or rituals. However, each different [...]