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The Five Main Phases of A Twin Flame Relationship

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As we all know, A Twin flame relationship is not all ‘perfect’, as one might expect, especially in the beginning (usually a few years). After reading or hearing about twin-flames and their perfectly balanced energies, many people think it would be like a fairy tale, [...]

Twin Flame Love – How to Recognize You Are Experiencing One

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Twin flame love is sometimes described as fairy-tale love. As people and relationships develop, so does the way that we fall in love and love others. There are a lot of different kinds of love out there, and when you’re in the midst of a [...]

The Difference Between Twin Flame and Soulmate Relationship

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Soulmates: different souls that we encounter on the path that is cut from the same “energetic cloth” as us and are sent to help awaken and challenge us so we can become the best versions of ourselves. Twin Flames: when our own “energetic cloth” grows [...]

When Twin Souls Meet Each Other On Earth

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When twin souls meet, the connection is much more intense than the connection between soulmates. They are called twin souls because they are of the essence of divine spark itself. They are also soulmates, but not every soulmate are twin souls. Many seek their twin [...]