Taoist Meditation originates in Daoism (Taoism), a Chinese philosophy. It emphasizes the concept of living in harmony with nature.

Therefore, Taoism represents a Chinese philosophy or religion. Tao Te Ching serves as the sacred text of Taoism.

Being dated back to the 6th century B.C. many types of Taoist Meditation methods exist today. Because they endured influences of Buddhist and Indian practices. But the base of this meditation method represents the inner energy.

Learning to practice it, enables you the ability to generate, transform and circulate the energy within you. It is a great meditation to quieten your mind and body.

The main purpose of this meditation is to body and spirit, to find inner peace, harmonize with nature.

Taoist Meditation practices:

  1. Breathing Meditation: I’ve already talked about this kind of meditation. Breathing meditation is characterized by focusing on your breath. But some breathing patterns are important in the process of mindfulness. Breathing is important in Taoism, representing the exhaling of old energy and inhaling new energy or “qi”.
  2. Emptiness Meditation: This Taoist Meditation consists of emptying your mind of every mental image, thought, feeling and emotion. Therefore, it represents the practice of forgetting everything, emptiness meditation leads to mindfulness. This state of total stillness brings harmony in the flow of qi.
  3. Neiguan: also known as inner observation/vision. When you practice this type of meditation, you can visualize the inside of your mind or body, your inner deities or even the flow of inner energy. Its purpose is seeing the wisdom of nature within yourself.

All of these Taoist Meditation types start the same way. You need to stay in a basic lotus position. Your spine must be erect so the inner energy can flow freely.

The eyes must be half-closed. Your gaze should focus on the point of your nose. Breathing into the lower abdomen is also very often used in these meditations.

Taoist Meditation is the perfect choice for everyone who loves nature. So, it helps you to understand the philosophy of living in harmony with nature. Taoist teachers are hard to find, but if you succeed, you will not regret it.



*This article was originally published at spiritualexperience.eu.