Neither science nor religion have all the answers to how the universe works. But there are seven metaphysical laws that can guide us.

If you are interested to learn how the universe works on a spiritual level, explore the below seven laws:

1. The Law of Divine Oneness

The first law of how the universe works are the law that explains how we are all one. There is only one source of energy in the universe. Each of us is part of the ocean of universal energy.

This is why hating someone or wishing them harm is so dangerous. When we do this, we are in effect hating or wishing harm on ourselves.

The good news is that we don’t need to ask universal energy or the divine to help us. We are the universal energy and the divine.

When we respect the divinity in all things, including ourselves, we align ourselves with universal energy and tune in to all that is.

2. The Law of Vibration

All things are made of energy. This is a scientific fact. The law of vibration indicates that we must align our energy with what we want to attract.

We don’t need to avoid our human emotions to do this. In fact, blocking emotions can block our connection with the divine.

However, we can choose to express our emotions in healthy ways and focus on emotions such as love and gratitude as much as we can. This helps us to vibrate at a higher level and attract higher things back into our lives.

3. The Law of Action

We are divine, but we are also human. We must embrace our experience here on earth in physical form. This means that we should take action in the material world in order to grow and learn the lessons of our current incarnation.

However, taking action doesn’t mean pain, hard work, and struggle. When we are aligned with universal energy the right actions become clear to us. We can work towards our goals with a sense of flow.

Challenges help us to learn and grow. However, if we find ourselves constantly struggling, we may need to reconnect with our higher selves. This will help us to discover the lifestyle and goals that will help us grow without a struggle.

4. The Law of Correspondence

This law of how the universe works state that your outer world reflects your inner world – like a mirror. For example, two people could interpret the same events and circumstances in a very different way.

One person may take a trip into a forest and admire the beauty all around them, wondering at the creatures big and small with which they share their world.

Another person might take a trip to the forest and moan about the heat or the cold. They might complain about the biting insects and fear the spiders.

The world outside mirrors your inner self. What we choose to focus on will become our reality – whether good or bad.

5. The Law of Cause and Effect

This law states that what you reap what you sow. Many spiritual traditions have taught this universal wisdom for thousands of years. The most well-known way is the law of Karma. This makes sense in terms of us all being one.

If we harm others, we are, of course, ultimately harming ourselves. However, if we work for the highest good of ourselves and others and from motives of love and compassion, we will find this reflected in the people and events that occur in our lives.

6. The Law of Compensation

Gandhi once said we must ‘be the change we wish to see in the world‘. Instead of wishing things were different, we have to be different.


Whatever we feel is lacking in our lives is probably something that we are not giving. Whatever you feel you are lacking, whether it is money, time, recognition, or love, practice giving it to yourself and others first. This will change your energy and your world.

7. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

This last law of how the universe works are about how we react to the world around us. We sometimes think that the only way to change our world is to try harder or struggle.

Often we behave this way through fear. We worry about what might happen to us and we try to control things in order to feel better.

When we do this, we restrict energy flow. We don’t allow universal energy to move through our lives and change things.

If we can let go of control over life and learn to go with the flow a little more, we can get the energy moving once more.

We need to have faith in ourselves and the universe. Whatever happens to us, we should know that we will have the inner resources to deal with.

Closing thoughts

Understanding these metaphysical laws helps us to perceive how the universe works. When we understand how our own emotions, energy, and thoughts affect the reality we experience, we can begin to move forward in our lives and change our world for the better.

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