The two most common types of entities are Earthbound Spirits and Dark Energy Forces.

The spirit is the part of us that survives after the death of the physical body. There are times when spirits become disoriented after separating from the physical vehicle and misses their initial opportunity to pass into the Other Realms.

When this happens they stay stuck in the 4th Dimension or Lower Astral Plane where they then continue to seek the same sensations and experiences that they had enjoyed during life.

This is often made possible by attachment to a living human or animal host, though attachment can also be made to objects and places that have meant something to the spirit.

Dark Energy Forces can be termed demons and these are beings that have never been alive in their own physical bodies. These beings are often on a mission to destroy and can be strengthened by negative thought forms. Curses, psychic attacks, and negative thought forms are negative energies generated by living people.

How Do They Get In?

In order for entities to attach to a human host, that person must be vulnerable in some way.

An earthbound spirit may attach whilst a person is unconscious for any reason – this could be due to a trauma, anesthetic is given for surgery, a blow to the head, drunkenness etc.

Severe stress, exhaustion, grief, extreme anger, fear or guilt can also open a person energetically to attachment and without proper protection, such things as channeling, mediumship and automatic writing are open invitations for possession as is being present at a seance or using an Ouija board.

Childhood rape or incest can allow entities to attach and sometimes, after the death of a loved one, a person, in their grief, can unknowingly invite attachment of that loved the one with thoughts such as “Don’t leave me,” “I don’t want to let you go.

Once an entity gains entry, a “hole” in the aura is, in effect present, allowing for further attachment. Hospitals, cemeteries, and funeral homes are common places to pick up entities.

Spirits tend to congregate where they separated from their physical body or to hang around the body itself.

The theory of “like attracts like” also applies as negative energies in the form of psychic attacks and curses are generated by other living people but can be invited in and “fed” by our own negative thought forms (fear, anger, jealousy and anxiety).

Spirit Releasement is a form of healing, employed to clear a person of entity attachments and negative energies.