Visitation dreams are a form of afterlife contact that our deceased loved ones, pets and spirit guides may use to communicate with us from the other side.

In a dream visitation, our deceased loved ones will visit us in a dream and their visit during that dream then puts that dream under the category of visitation dreams.

There are many forms of afterlife contact that our loved ones can use to try and get our attention but visitation dreams are by far the best way because with dream visitations we have a visual image of our deceased loved ones.

So they are able to show us something that we may need to see and there is also the opportunity for them to communicate with us clearly during the dream using telepathy so they have a better chance of getting an important message across this way and they also have the opportunity to let us see with a visual image of them that they are okay now.

Not only that but visitation dreams gives us another chance to see our loved ones again even if it is only for just a short moment and if our loved ones are able to visit us knowing how much we miss seeing them and how much we are wishing that we could see them again.

Then they will certainly try and visit us during a dream to give us that privilege of being able to get another glimpse of them again.

Visitation dreams and signs you have had one

For most people who have had visitation dreams, they will just know it was one once they wake up because these type of dreams are not like ordinary dreams and they are very much different to a normal dream and this difference will be very noticeable to the dreamer during the dream itself or once they have woken up.

You may not have all of the signs below and just a few but these signs should give you a good idea of what the characteristics are of dream visitations.

1. Heightened awareness in the dream.

This awareness can occur at any point during the dream.

But quite often it occurs when the dreamer sees their deceased loved one or pet because deep within them even during a dream the dreamer knows that their deceased loved one or pet is no longer of this world and this triggers the dreamer’s consciousness to shift into a higher level of consciousness which causes the higher awareness.

This heightened awareness can be a gradual thing or it can be a full-blown one minute you are not aware and just in a dream and the next bang you suddenly realize you are dreaming and standing in front of you is you’re deceased loved one.

Visitation Dreams

I have experienced both types of heightened awareness where it happens slowly and also where it happens really fast. If the awareness becomes high enough you may realize at that point that you are dreaming and then become lucid.

There can be times where the awareness does not reach a high enough level for the dreamer to actually realize they are dreaming because there are different levels of awareness as the consciousness begins to move onto a higher level but yet they may still realize that their loved one has passed on despite not being lucid to the point where they can have some control over their dream.

2. The dream feels unusually real.

This is the next main symptom and the dream will begin to feel more real when the consciousness moves to higher levels in the dream.

It is the higher levels of consciousness in the dream that causes the heightened awareness which then makes the dream feel more real and the more awareness you have then the more the dream will feel real to you.

If the dreamer’s awareness is a little bit low but still there nonetheless then the dream can be quite dreamy like in some places and real in other places and the problem with this is with a lower awareness in the dream it allows for subconscious data to enter the dream more which can cause some confusion when it comes to trying to decode the dream the next day so look out for this because you would have to work out what is subconscious data in the dream and what is not.

If the awareness is a bit on the lower side you can end up with a mix of a dream visitation and a subconscious dream in one and these types of dreams can be a little bit tricky to decode at times.

The higher the awareness is in a dream visitation then the less subconscious data there will be and the lower the awareness is in a dream visitation then the more subconscious data there will be in the dream.

3. Thinking logically and rationally.

Again this is due to the heightened awareness and again the higher the awareness the more this will be noticed.

Examples of logical and rational thinking in visitation dreams can be for instance when the dreamer sees their deceased loved one or pet they will realize that they had passed away and will then begin to rationalize this and why they are seeing them in a dream.

The dreamer may even question their loved one and make comments such as I thought you were dead and what are you doing here?

The dreamer will in most cases know that their loved one had died in their waking life and they may even recall the events surrounding their death during the dream.

The dreamer may also be able to notice any subconscious data if any during the dream and be able to rationalize this data if their awareness is high enough to notice any dream data that appears to be illogical, unusual or that just appears differently to what it would do in waking life.

Quite often it is at these points that people switch from having an ordinary dream to a lucid dream because when they notice something different about a dream due to for example unusual dream data that they know is not right this can be enough to trigger their awareness into high levels and allow them to realize that they are dreaming thus causing the dream to become a lucid dream.

If the awareness is high enough physical sensations may be enhanced to what it would be in waking life and the dreamer may be able to touch and feel data in the dream just as if they are touching something in waking life.

Visitation Dreams 1

This can cause the dreamer confusion and where they may try and rationalize what they are experiencing certainly if they are aware that they are dreaming because they know the experience is unusual and not one that may be common for them to experience.

4. The dream will feel different from ordinary dreams.

Due to the heightened awareness, the higher level of consciousness and the realness that this causes the dream to become the dream will feel different from ordinary dreams because it changes the whole structure of the dream.

The dreamer will note this on waking or even during the dream itself and they will sense that something about the dream just seemed and felt different from their normal dreams.

5. The dream is quite often coherent and runs in a logical sequence

This is more so when the awareness is really high during the dream but if the awareness is on the low side then subconscious data can enter the dream and can then cause the dream to be incoherent and illogical in places but generally the dream should be more coherent and logical than it would do in a normal dream.

There may be skipping’s of scenes too in the dream but generally, the next scenes will be coherent too depending on awareness levels and how much subconscious data there may be.

Often in dream visitations, they run in a logical sequence too.

6. You are flying.

This is a big sign because flying is often a sign that you are astral projecting.

Which is something we do almost every night and without always realizing it too so if your flying this can be another sign because it may mean you have astral projected and gone onto the astral planes which are the meeting place with deceased loved ones, pets and spirit guides.

7. Telepathy and empathy.

During dream visitations communication the majority of the time is done through telepathy so you and your deceased loved ones will most likely communicate this way.

You may not even notice this though but some dreamers may notice on waking that their loved one did not open their mouth when talking to them yet they could hear what they were saying.

As well as communicating through words our loved ones, as well as us too, can also communicate by sending out thoughts, emotions, and feelings to each another during the dream and also by sending images and symbols as another form of communicating.

Visitation Dreams 3

You may be able to know what your loved one is feeling and may even feel their emotions as if they were your own.

Your perception is higher in visitation dreams and you can pick up much more than you would in waking life with people and will be able to pick up on their feelings quite easily.

8. Conversations during the dream.

Genuine conversations during visitation dreams will be coherent and logical and will make sense to you and will not show any traces of being subconscious data conversations even if there is subconscious dream visual data.

You may be able to talk with your deceased loved one just the way you did before they passed away and hold down a normal conversation with them.

You may be able to discuss situations that are happening in your waking life as well as what is happening in their life in the afterlife.

Your loved one may give you an important message or just give you the reassurance that they are okay now and not to worry.

9. Touch sensation may heighten.

This does not always happen in visitation dreams so if you did not experience this it certainly does not mean it was not a dream visitation. Not everyone experiences this and when they do it might not be very often.

In some visitation dreams, your touch sensation may be so high that when you touch your loved one or an object it can feel like you are actually touching them and it may go as far as it feeling like you are actually touching their hair, skin, and clothes as if you were touching it in waking life.

You may even notice the different sensations when touching different textures. This is an amazing experience and can be quite startling when it happens too.

As well as a higher-touch sensation you may experience other heightened physical sensations too such as a sense of smell where it will be as if you are actually smelling something like you would in real life.

Some people can also experience the taste of food during these types of dreams too.

10. The deceased loved one may appear younger.

This is not uncommon and most people notice that during their dream visitation their loved one or pet appeared in the dream looking younger than they did when they passed away.

If you have had many visitation dreams from one given person they may appear at different ages throughout their life but still quite often younger than they passed away although this is not set in stone as some will appear at the age they were when they passed.

Your loved one will often appear at the age they were at when in their prime of life. The most common age range is in the 30s but it depends on your loved one and when they felt at their best so it could be a bit later or even earlier than that.

As well as appearing younger they often will appear as being healthy too so if they were quite sick before they died you may find that they will no longer look sick.

11. Feeling yourself leave or re-enter your physical body.

This is another sure sign of an astral projection and a good sign of a dream visitation If you experienced this.

Feelings of leaving your physical body can be felt in many ways and some are a sucking sensation like you are being sucked out of your body by a vacuum cleaner or a sensation of being pulled out of your body.

You may feel other sensations such as vibrations and waves of energy go throughout your body which can be quite strong and frightening for some and you may hear loud noises too such as a loud whooshing noise or buzzing noises which can be quite loud inside the head and there may be feelings of pressure inside the head too.

When re-entering the body it may come really fast and you will hit your physical body so fast it will jolt you awake and you may feel the impact of hitting back into your body at full speed.

Sometimes re-entering the body can be done slowly and you may even feel your astral body slowly re-enter and hear a squelching noise as it does this and you may even feel your astral body align itself back inside the physical body after astral projection.

12. Waking up straight away and recalling a lot of detail in the dream.

Quite often after visitation dreams, the dreamer wakes up straight away rather than fall into another dream although this can happen even if this does happen the dreamer should still be able to recall quite a lot of detail from the dream visitation even if they had another dream straight after it without a break in waking.

If the dreamer wakes up immediately though then they will certainly recall a lot of detail in the dream and remember much more than they would from a full subconscious data dream which often becomes lost from the memory within moments of waking up.

With visitation dreams, this does not really happen certainly if the awareness of the dreamer was quite high and they will be able to remember a lot and still recall these details very clearly for weeks, months, and even years later.

13. Knocking on the door, doorbell chime, and telephone calls.

These are metaphors your loved one may use when communicating with you and getting your attention during a dream.

In the afterlife, they don’t need telephones but you may dream of having a telephone call with your loved one and you may hear a sound like someone is knocking on your door which is often a deceased loved one or spirit guide dropping by to speak to you during your sleep.

This it can be so loud it may either bring you into awareness where you are half asleep and half awake or even wake you up and make you think that someone is actually knocking on your door only to go and answer it and no one is there.

This has happened to me a lot and I can now tell the difference between dream door knocking and waking life door knocking and now when I hear the dream knocking I know someone is coming to visit me from the afterlife during my sleep and if I am lucky my awareness may stick around long enough for me to hear or get to see them where I can recall it on waking.

Another thing people may hear is a doorbell chime which is something I have also experienced and I was then able to hear my deceased loved one say hello and start talking to me after I had heard the doorbell chime.


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