Forget what the fear-mongers tell you. Ignore the pessimism spread by those in the news. Step away from the doom and gloom that permeates throughout our social consciousness.

World peace is coming, and it will be here within 10-20 years!

The idea of world peace within a decade or two may seem like an impossible dream, but rest assured, it is firmly rooted in reality.

Three major keys to attaining world peace – meeting the basic needs of all humans, increasing global interconnectedness, and empowering individuals and communities – have all been arriving at exponential speeds, meaning we are truly on the verge of attaining a lasting peace on earth.

Key 1: Meeting the Basic Needs of Humankind

There are many factors that lead to our world improving, and gain in any one of these factors makes it easier to achieve gains across all others.

We are, in essence, spiraling towards a better world at an increasing pace. The better our world becomes, the more we will be able to meet the basic needs of every human.

One of the most influential factors contributing to a better world is technology. New technology has been arriving at exponential speeds and will continue to bring us cheaper, better tools sooner and sooner.

It is important to understand what “exponential” means so that we are clear as to just how fast progress will be happening. In this graph, we can see two rates of progress: linear and exponential.

exponentialvslinear peace

While the two start off at similar rates, the line representing exponential growth begins to take a sharp turn upwards.

Many leading futurists believe we have begun the upward climb, meaning over the next few decades we will be seeing an almost unfathomable rate of technological development, and much of this new technology will be used to improve the lives of people all around the world.

This technology, especially when combined with the other areas of world improvement, will allow us to meet the basic needs of all the world’s people, spelling the end of extreme poverty forever.

Poverty, especially extreme poverty and the associated suffering, is a root grievance that contributes to conflict and war.

When no one lives in the desperation of extreme poverty, when no one is starving to death, it will be much easier to find a world of harmony and peace.

Already we can see signs of things to come. Global poverty has been on the decline for centuries, and our world today is the most peaceful it has ever been in modern human history (as confirmed by The World Bank and the Human Security Center)

Key 2: Increasing Interconnectedness Between All of Humankind

Along with allowing us to meet the basic needs of the world’s people, technology also brings unprecedented powers of communication and community building.

Our world is uniting like never before. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, Instant Messaging, Chatroulette, message boards, blogs… the Internet has provided us with a wealth of new means of dialogue, and dialogue is one of the most important steps in the peacebuilding process.

The Keys to World Peace and Harmony1

Just getting people to talk is the first step towards harmony. Our new tools of communication are bridging gaps, forming channels of dialogue between warring parties that allow non-violent means of interaction.

As well, dialogue can rehumanize an enemy, helping to break through the dehumanizing propaganda that paints the other side as being evil, irrational demons. When enemies become human again, it is much harder to take up arms against them.

The unifying power of the Internet will continue to spread around the world, bringing more and more of us towards what many people call The Global Village, which is a conceptual way to identify ourselves as part of the world’s community.

Just look at this graph showing the growth of Facebook… 350 million users, and growing larger every day. Today, only 25 percent of the world has the Internet.

facebookusers peace

In a few years, this number will double… and in a few more years, virtually everyone on earth will be connected. The Internet is drawing our otherwise unconnected groups into a sharing community, bringing us together like never before.

With each new day, more and more people are integrating themselves into the new paradigm, where our common humanity takes precedence over our superficial differences.

As this trend continues, we will no longer have entire groups willing to fight each other, because we will view the members of those other groups as part of our own extended families.

Key 3: Shifting the Power to the People

These communities we’ve been building are unleashing the yet untapped power of humankind. Humans, united on such a massive scale, are more powerful than corporations or governments.

When we combine the size and might of our global communities with instant messaging and the power to mobilize to action in real time, we become the ultimate force on the planet.

New technological and social developments are constantly shifting the balance of power into the hands of the world’s people, and we will use this power to make our world a better place… a world of prosperity, equality, and peace for all species.

One of the most important steps towards world peace will be an affront to the entity primarily responsible for the institutionalized war in our world – the Military Industrial Complex.

The Military Industrial Complex – aka The War Machine – is the trillion-dollar a year entity that profits from the wars around the world, and therefore has a vested interest in perpetuating conflict on earth.

In a struggle that will parallel the fight against big tobacco, we will hold these death dealers accountable for the damage they’ve done to our people and planet. We will dismantle the war machine and condemn it as a relic of an era gone by.

We will use litigation to take the profits away from the arms makers. We will use our voices and solidarity to prohibit our governments from waging wars we no longer support.

We will harness our powers of the community to sway the “ ” of those who still think that war and violence are feasible solutions to any problem.

World Peace Really is Coming!

All of these factors – a consistently improving world, humankind uniting like never before, and harnessing the power of the world’s people – will, over the next two decades, culminate in something that has eluded us for so long: an end to the institutionalized war.

One of the biggest obstacles to achieving it has been our belief. Having the belief – seeing the real potential of a peaceful future – is a vital part of world peace coming true.

Over the next few years, the rationally optimistic message that world harmony is coming will spread, and we can expect a revolution of optimism to take hold of our planet as more and more of us become aware of how we truly are on the brink of world peace.

Note: World peace is defined as the end of the institutionalized war. World peace doesn’t mean the end of all violence or struggles, but rather, the end of armed conflicts organized by governments or corporations.


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